We are apartment administrators.
We lease apartments, diligently take care of them both
technically and administratively, and guarantee regular rent to the owners.

We offer three service packages, and everyone can choose one with us.
Whether you don't have time to deal with renting out an apartment or you have a mortgage tied to the rent and need the assurance of regular income, we cater to all.

Who we are


guaranteed rent


rents per year


occupied apartments in Prague

since 2017

on the market

Our offer

Guaranteed rent

You will receive the rent every month, regardless of the occupancy of the apartment. One hundred percent guarantee and maximum satisfaction.

Taking responsibility

There will always occur occasional malfunctions. We will solve all repairs and problems for you.

Growing rent income

We also maximize your profits as the amount of rent increases.

Reliable subtenant

We will thoroughly check every subtenant. You don’t have to be afraid of defaulters or noisy subtenants.

Long-term lease

We focus on long-term rentals and decent subtenants. With a considerate approach to the apartment we focus on maintaining its value.

Regular reports

We will always keep you in the picture. We regularly send clients detailed reports on the condition of the apartment.

Tvůj Správce Team

  • Rental Department
  • Client Service
  • Maintenance Department
  • Administration

Tomáš Pauer


Trade and rentals

David Steinvald

Jindřich Brož

Zuzana Halamová

Client service

Barbora Rollerová

Veronika Vorlíčková

Zuzana Štěpánová

Tereza Kocánková

Martin Jelínek

Administration and Finance

Erika Menšíková

Helena Žák

Lucie Rohlíková

Technical administration

Aleš Bejvl

Martin Pekarčík

Stanislav Grác