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Definitely not. We focus on long-term leases to be able to offer favorable conditions and economic stability. This way, we have a greater overview of the condition of your property, which we regularly document for you with photos. All tenants sign an annual contract with us. In addition, there is no need to worry about accelerated amortization of your property or complaints from neighbors about noisy tourists.

Since we are going to become tenants in your property, we will enter into a standard lease agreement with you. The advantage is that we guarantee you your rent, even if the subtenant does not pay us or the apartment happens to be unoccupied. We are simply the most reliable and self-sufficient tenant you can possibly have.

We usually conclude a contract with our clients for 2-5 years. However, if you want a contract for a shorter period, that is something we can agree upon. Your satisfaction is a priority to us.

Are you planning to rent out an apartment with atypical dimensions, in a bad location, in cooperative ownership, or do you own a family house? No challenge is too great for us. Contact us and you’ll see that we rent out your property too.

Unlike a real estate agency, we do not look for tenants for you, we become them ourselves. Thanks to this, we are able to take all the associated risks from you and make them our own. At the same time, we guarantee you regular rent under any circumstance, for instance, even if the property remains unoccupied. This is how we differ from real estate agencies, where this is not customary.

Thanks to many years of experience in the world of real estate, we are able to advise you on any real estate issue. Furthermore, in most cases we can do everything for you. We can advise you on choosing a suitable property, securing the necessary capital, insurance, mitigating risks. Naturally, we can ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Thanks to several years of experience, we know that choosing the right tenant is the most important thing. We perform careful background checks of our subtenants through the register of debtors, where we look for possible foreclosures and verify their creditworthiness, all while respecting your requirements. Our goal is to occupy the property with suitable, paying tenants and ensure your satisfaction.

We are fair and, at the same time, we value your time, which is why your profits automatically increase when the rent goes up, without the need to change or sign a new contract. Our profits increase with a higher rent as well, therefore we closely monitor market developments and adjust the amount of rent accordingly, so that you can truly capitalize on your investment.

Based on the exact contractual conditions, we are always obliged to pay you the agreed upon amount. With most rent managers, you will not get paid if the apartment is not occupied or the rent unpaid. We don’t care whether there are tenants in the apartment or not. You will always receive your money in a given account on a given day.

We currently focus on Prague and its surroundings. However, it is possible that you will see us in other cities in the near future. Follow our website or Facebook profile and be among the first to know!

As customary in this marketplace, we take a commission for our services, which in our case is unrivaledly low, typically 15% of the agreed upon rent! What we deem important is the fact that you will save money in the end anyway. We assume all risks, such as non-paying tenants who refuse to move out, inoccupancy, and damage. In addition, you no longer waste time renting out your property and enjoy carefree renting.

Yes. Part of our service is, among other things, is taking liability for the condition of the property. We try to prevent undesirable outcomes by choosing the right tenant, but if there is still any damage to the property, we will restore everything to its original condition. We guarantee you that!

Arranging insurance is one of our foundations. We also arrange it for the tenants so that we can be truly assured, and sleep peacefully. Your apartment is safe with us.

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