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We will take care of your apartment, lease it, and guarantee you monthly rent.

Most Frequent Questions

We do everything to make renting apartments simple and worry-free. How does our apartment management service with guaranteed rent work? Learn more below.

Will you rent my apartment through Airbnb, booking.com and similar portals?

Definitely not. We focus on long-term leases to be able to offer favorable conditions and economic stability. This way, we have a greater overview of the apartment, the condition of which we regularly prove to you through photo documentation. All subtenants sign a contract with us for at least a year. In addition, you will not worry about the rapid destruction of the apartment and the complaints of neighbors about noisy tourists.

What type of contract will you enter into with me?

Since we become tenants in your apartment, we will enter into a standard lease agreement with you. The advantage is that we guarantee you rent, even if the subtenant does not pay us whether the apartment is currently unoccupied. We are simply the most reliable and self-sufficient tenant you can have.

For how long is the contract concluded?

We usually conclude a contract with our clients for 2-5 years. However, if you want a contract for a shorter period of time, it is not a problem to negotiate. Your satisfaction is a priority for us.

Will you help me with other matters related to my property?

Yes. We can advise or mediate the sale of real estate, mortgage refinancing, real estate insurance and other matters. We are real estate professionals and at the same time we work with a number of established partners who provide services.

Can you really rent any property?

Do you rent an apartment of atypical dimensions, in a bad location, in cooperative ownership or do you own a family house? We welcome any challenge. Contact us and find out that we know no obstacles.

How are you different from real estate agencies and administrative agencies?

Unlike a real estate agency, we do not look for tenants, but we become them ourselves. Thanks to this, we are able to take away all the risks associated with the lease. At the same time, we guarantee you regular rent under any circumstances, such as when the apartment is unoccupied, and thus we differ from administrative agencies, where this is not customary.

Can you also help me with real estate investment?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the real estate field, we are more than able to advise you on investing. We offer full service regarding real estate investments. We will advise you on choosing a suitable property, securing the necessary capital, how to insure yourself and prepare for any risks resulting in smooth process.

How do you avoid problem subtenants? How do you choose them?

Thanks to several years of experience, we know that choosing the right tenant is the most important long-term decision. We carefully check our subtenants in the debtors’ registers and for possible executions, we verify their creditworthiness and at the same time we respect your requirements. Our goal is decent paying tenants and your satisfaction.

Do I receive only the agreed amount, even if the rent for the apartment increases?

We are fair and at the same time we value your time, which is why when you increase your rent, your profits automatically increase, without the need to change and sign a new contract. We simply earn more from higher rents, so we closely monitor development of the market and adjust the rent to maximize revenue from your investment.

Do you guarantee the rent even if the subtenant doesn't pay?

Based on the exact terms and conditions, we are always obliged to pay you the agreed amount. With most rental managers, you will not get paid if the apartment is not occupied or rent paid. We don’t care if there are subtenants in the apartment or not. You will always receive your money on a given day.

Will you rent a property from outside of Prague?

We are currently focusing on Prague and its surroundings. It is possible that we will extend our scope to other cities in the near future. Follow our website or Facebook profile and you will be among the first to know this.

Do you guarantee the condition of the apartment once it is returned?

Yes. Part of our service is, among other things, liability for the condition of the apartment. We try to prevent these situations by choosing the right tenant, but if there is any damage in the apartment, we will restore everything to its original condition. We guarantee it!

Do you arrange insurance for my apartment?

Arranging insurance is the rule with us. We arrange household and liability insurance for the subtenants to avoid any risks for you but also us. Your apartment is safe with us.

Are you a subtenant and would you like to know the prices of our technical support services?

HERE you can see our price list of services.

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