Why live with us?

There are numerous difficulties to overcome when renting out your property, from transferring energy billing through arranging insurance to repairing housing defects.
There is nothing easier than to use the services of Tvůj Správce, that will solve everything for you.

With us, even housing is carefree!

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How to rent an apartment with Tvůj Správce?


1. Tour of the apartment

If the first apartment doesn't catch your eye, choose the second, or even the third. We manage a great number of them, so there is definitely one for you!


2. Signing the contract

You will sign a sublease agreement with us for 1 year as a standard, in case of mutual satisfaction the contract will be extended.

Předání bytu | TvůjSprávce.cz

3. Handing over the apartment

We will write a handover protocol together and the flat is yours to live in.


4. Payment

Every month you pay 1 amount to 1 bank account for rent and services.

What can Tvůj Správce help you with?

Přepis nemovitosti | TvůjSprávce.cz

Energy billing transfer

Energy billing is normally transferred to subtenants. We will arrange this transfer for you.

WiFi | TvůjSprávce.cz


Connection to the Internet is a must today, and we will arrange it for you before you move in.

Pojištění nemovitosti | TvůjSprávce.cz


We arrange insurance for each apartment. From now on you can sleep in peace.

Závada v bytě | TvůjSprávce.cz

Defects in the apartment

We solve all technical problems together with you.

List of vacant apartments

Do you want to live carefree?