Do you value your time? Are you tired of taking care of your apartment and tenants?

From now on, you don't have to!

Tvůj správce is here to handle all your worries for you.

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Get 100 % rental income guarantee with us!

For a 15% commission, we offer carefree rental of any property but mainly a regular rental income.

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Rent us an apartment for 2 years
and get 4 % higher income than standard*

*searching for subtenants, worrying about the apartment, money lost from changing subtenants or non-payers

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We want renting apartments to be as easy as possible for you. What is our approach?

  • Guaranteed rent
  • Taking responsibility
  • Growing income
  • Reliable tenant
  • Long-term lease
  • Regular reports

We guarantee you the highest possible revenue from your property.

We assume all risks of non-payment or vacant apartments. In all circumstances, we will send you the agreed rent on time and in full. We take care of your property so it increases in value. We always hand over the apartment tidy and painted. So no extra costs for you. You can calculate more in our calculator or you can directly ask us without obligation.

Hundreds of apartment owners are satisfied with us

From my point of view, as the owner of the leased property, absolutely professional and quick and excellent service, hassle-free tenants, timely payments, excellent cooperation. I recommend it.

Karel H.

Owner of apartment

We were very satisfied with Tvůj Správce. Solid manners, fair price, pro-client approach. Technician Mr. Wirth took care of everything from A to Z, he is reliable, keeps his word and nothing was a problem. After ending the lease, the apartment was returned in perfect condition. After this experience, we will clearly manage the next lease with the company Tvůj Správce.

Lukáš M.

Owner of apartment

I want to share my experience with the rental guarantee service from Tvůj Správce. I myself have 3 years of experience in renting apartments, so I know how much work there is. I was rather skeptical at first, but I thought I'd give it a try. In the end, I don't get any calls from tenants who always need something and I get rent on time every month. As a mother on maternity leave, I can really appreciate this.

Linda N.

Owner of apartment

I am satisfied with the services, even if we only cooperate for a short period of time. The rent is coming on time. Because of the fact that I'm not from Prague, I had worries with renting which are now over. They have my trust and I entrust their next apartment to them. I recommend it to anyone who no longer wants to look for suitable tenants and wants to enjoy their free time in a way other than worrying about tenants.

Jaroslav K.

Owner of apartment

I have been cooperating with the company's managing director, Mr. Michal Rambousek, for some time now and I appreciate his pro-client approach. He tries to actively solve your problems and can save you a lot of time. I recommend it.

Tomáš K.

Owner of apartment

I warmly recommend it. This is not a real estate agent, but a company that really tries to help you at a great price. Mr. Čaněk took care of me. Superb attitude, sympathetic and helpful guy who really helped with the selection, got involved, tried to invent different options and options according to our finances and requirements. Thank you very much again.

Ondřej P.


Company behavior We evaluate your administrator very positively. When taking over the apartment, we came across a few minor wear and tear. Mr. Čaněk recorded everything in the handover protocol. In a few days, the gentlemen from the technical administration department called us and eliminated the shortcomings.

Alena M.


As a tenant, I have always been very satisfied. I can call you whenever I need to and we will always find an agreement, whether it was the rental itself or a defect in the apartment.

Petr Š.


My family owns several apartments in Prague, so we sought help from Tvujspravce s.r.o. We are extremely satisfied with their services. 10/10

Josef P.

Owner of apartment

Calculate how much you will earn and how much time you will save in cooperation with Tvůj Správce:

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  • 100% guaranteed rent
  • 12/12 rents per year
  • 700+ occupied apartments in Prague
  • since 2017 on the market

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